Bromsgrove Planning Department Block Business

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So What's all the fuss about then?

Oakland International is one of the fastest growing UK businesses located in Redditch and part of the Bromsgrove District. We have once again had our last application for a new building refused, despite the fact that it will create employment, protect existing jobs and improve the visual amenity of the area.

We believe that the planning system is broken and we want to expose the inadequacies of not just Bromsgrove Council’s planning department, but of flaws nationally in the way that planning policy is interpreted at a local level.

So whats wrong with bromsgrove council's planning department?

The view is that economic development is not welcome on the Oakland site – they have referred to the business as ‘growing like topsy’ and have asked us on more than one occasion to relocate, citing the protection of the Green Belt as their main concern.

We don’t expect business to get its own way, and of course we value the Green Belt as much as anyone else does, but we don’t see the derelict site sandwiched next to a scrapyard, some wasteland and a busy dual carriageway as Green Belt.

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Application Refused

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